Backcountry skiing

Skinning up for some powdery turns in the Bolton backcountry trail network

Wow. It felt more like February skiing today than December skiing! The Skimeister and I earned some turns on the trails of the Bolton Valley backcountry trail network. We put skins on our skis and climbed up through the trees that were pasted with snow. We then got to enjoy powdery turns through this week’s nearly two feet of new snow! There has been enough snow to cover many potentially wet areas of the trails. Still, we needed to keep our eyes open for water and water bars. The other...[Read more]

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Heavy snow falls on Vermont — good for base-building

As of Wednesday morning, we're part way through a major winter storm in Vermont. It has brought wet, heavy snow that will help with building a base on which to ski — whether you ski at resorts, in the backcountry or at Nordic centers. Here's an image from the National Weather Service that forecasts the total storm snowfall through 1 a.m. on Thursday. Don't you love seeing double digits!?! Click here to see the updated NWS snow information and graphics. Or, follow this link for the two most...[Read more]

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Third ski outing of the season in fluffy snow

What a treat to have it look like winter over Thanksgiving weekend! We snuck in a short cross-country tour in fresh snow before eating turkey on Thursday, and this morning we skied up the CCC Road at Underhill State Park. This is located on the western side of Mt. Mansfield, and the mountain was in view through the trees as we ascended. The fluffy, white snow against a super-blue sky was gorgeous! Yes, it was chilly this morning, but after just a few minutes of climbing up the road...[Read more]

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Vermont ski swaps in 2014!

Vermont ski swaps in 2014

Updated 11/7/14 It’s that time of year again. Leaves are starting to turn to splendid colors. Skiing magazines are crowding our mailboxes. Resorts are touting early-bird pricing on season passes. It’s time to start thinking about skiing and riding and what gear you will need this year! Here’s our annual compilation of benefit ski swaps held in the state of Vermont. THIS LIST GETS UPDATED AS DETAILS BECOME AVAILABLE. 2014 Ski Swaps in Vermont September 27      ...[Read more]

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Woodward Mountain Trail: Gorgeous backcountry glades — and plenty of climbing, too

I checked another backcountry ski tour off my long to-do list on Saturday! The Skimeister and I took on the Woodward Mountain Trail from Bolton to Waterbury, Vermont. This demanding six-mile backcountry ski trail featured beautiful glades, but also plenty of climbing up the peaks that dot the ridgeline that would lead us down toward the Little River State Park and Waterbury Reservoir area. The guidebook we had warned skiers that this was a committing ski and in fact it took us...[Read more]

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Lotsa snow in northern and central Vermont!

Vermont snowstorm powder Vulcan

Northern and central Vermont won out on this storm. Up to two feet of snow is being reported in the mountains! And it was still snowing this morning. Unfortunately southern Vermont didn't fare as well due to warmer than expected temperatures. Resorts down in the southern-most part of the state got less than a foot of snow because sleet and rain were mixed in. Check the snow reports at your favorite ski resorts here: As is often...[Read more]

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The snowstorm has started in Vermont!

So, if the weather experts are right, we're going to get quite a dump today and Thursday! This morning as I watch snowflakes fall outside the window, the National Weather Service says 12 to 20 inches of snow will fall across the state of Vermont. Woot-woot! Check this webpage for updated snow forecasts: Here's what the graphic looked like this morning. Pink = one to two feet!   Visit our Vermont Ski Resorts page for direct links to snow...[Read more]

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Snow and warm temps in Stowe, Vermont's Sterling Forest

We knew that Friday’s weather was going to be gloomy, so the Skimeister and I took time on Thursday to do a backcountry ski tour in Stowe’s Sterling Forest. We wanted to enjoy the snow before it got bogged down by warm temperatures and rain. <Sigh.> The morning featured spectacular blue skies. We found rather deep snow to ski through and as the morning turned into afternoon the snow was definitely getting heavier due to the warm temperatures and the warmth of the sun. Sometimes I would...[Read more]

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Snowstorm — incoming!!!

Snowstorm February 13, 2014

The National Weather Service is calling for beaucoup snow through tomorrow. The latest graphic calls for 10 to 20 inches of new snow to fall across Vermont! Keep an eye on the forecast here:  National Weather Service - Burlington  National Weather Service - Albany (for southernmost counties in Vermont)  Woot-woot!  [Read more]

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Still snowing...

The National Weather Service reported 4 to 14 inches of snow around Vermont this morning, and it's still snowing. Keep an eye on snow totals here, and here for the two southernmost counties in Vermont. You'll find the snow forecast here. Here's a shot from Bromley Mountain's Facebook page this morning. Sweet! [Read more]

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Fluffy snow and lots of water to avoid on backcountry trails

Thanks to very recent cold temperatures, there are several inches of light, fluffy powder up high in the hills above Bolton, Vt. It’s very pretty. The Skimeister and I explored a couple of the lower Bolton backcountry trails today and despite having to cross A LOT of water bars, we had a blast. (How can you not have fun when there is white snow and blue sky!) As we headed to the recently conserved backcountry land, we noticed that more snow is probably needed (another...[Read more]

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Snowy and springy up high

I took a short backcountry ski up at Bolton Valley on Wednesday. It was around lunch time and the sun was shining brightly. There is still a lot of snow up on the trails! I stuck my pole in the snow near Bryant Cabin and there was at least a foot. The only thing is that now we have spring conditions, so if it's cold at night, the snow is still going to be frozen in the morning. The higher daytime temperatures then soften things up. I mostly skied where others had made tracks to...[Read more]

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An extra-special day to ski in the nearly-conserved Bolton backcountry trail network!

Isn't life funny sometimes? Just as I started my climb up the Bryant trail on the Bolton Valley backcountry trail network today, an email was received and waiting on my iPhone in my backpack. The email announced that the Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic & Backcountry and the Vermont Land Trust had done it: we successfully completed the fundraising campaign! You'll be glad to know that because of the effort and generosity of many Vermonters, the Bolton Valley Nordic &...[Read more]

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Snowstorm on the last day of official winter

March 20th is the first day of spring and we're in the midst of a snowstorm today, the 19th. While some folks are lamenting more shoveling, we skiers and riders are psyched! This morning Vermont ski resorts were reporting 2 to 9 inches of snow had fallen already. Today the snow continues. The National Weather Service is forecasting a foot or more of snow to fall in many Vermont mountain areas by Wednesday morning. I love seeing double digits on their snowfall...[Read more]

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New snow to close out February

Three to 14 inches of snow being reported this morning at Vermont ski areas! Amounts varied by location, with Burke Mountain reporting the three inches. Check out our Vermont ski resorts page for links to the snow reports at your favorite hill or cross-country center. Nice way to close out February, eh?[Read more]

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J'aime la neige!

I'm happy to report that we're picking up some snow this week! This morning Vermont ski resorts were reporting between 3 and 6 inches of new snow. Now the National Weather Service is saying: "A Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect for portions of northern and central Vermont for 4 - 8" of upslope snow from this afternoon through Thursday." The ski areas in the Green Mountains are pleased with this news. And I bet you are, too! Check out the NWS Burlington's snow info page,...[Read more]

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Skiing the trails in Stowe's Sterling Forest

On a sparkling day, the Skimeister and I enjoyed a ski tour in the Sterling Forest of Stowe, Vermont. This town-owned land has a network of backcountry skiing and snowshoe trails. It is also crossed by the Catamount Trail and a VAST snowmobile trail. We parked near the Sterling Falls Gorge, picked up a map, and crossed an open meadow before heading into the woods on the Marston Trail. We enjoyed skiing on this trail and on a mellow section of the Catamount Trail — the...[Read more]

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Afternoon cruisin' at the Woodstock Nordic Center

I travel up and down Interstate 89 quite frequently, but rarely do I have time to get off the highway to explore. Yesterday was the exception to the rule. I had time to ski in the afternoon before returning home so I decided to check out the Woodstock Nordic Center. I've visited the quaint village of Woodstock, Vt., a number of times — but never in the winter. The Woodstock Inn's golf course is transformed with a blanket of white snow to become the base for...[Read more]

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Fresh powder — and exploding grouse — in the Bolton backcountry

What a lovely, cold winter day to be out in the Vermont woods! When the temperatures dip down low, we like to stay warm by earning our turns. So we went to the Bolton Valley backcountry trails to enjoy the fresh powder. I'd estimate that there was about 12 inches of new snow — more or less. It was mostly fluffy, except in extra-windy spots where it got a bit wind-packed. We climbed Bryant trail, enjoyed Birch Loop and descended via Gardiner's Lane. The sky was mostly...[Read more]

Saturday, February 9, 2013 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley

Slideshow, skiing & snowshoe tours on tap for campaign to save Bolton backcountry

The Vermont Land Trust and Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic and Backcountry have planned some fun events this winter as part of the campaign to save the Bolton backcountry land from development. Two of the events take place this week and weekend, and they include a chance to get out and experience the property in wintertime with some folks who know it well. The most recent communiqué from the land trust reported that we're 95% of the way to the fundraising goal, with $93,000 left to raise...[Read more]

Monday, January 14, 2013 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Cross-country skiing

Earning some powdery turns

Guess what we found today? More fluffy snow! Am I sounding like a broken record? Somehow I think you'll forgive me. The SkiMeister and I skied up the snow-covered CCC road and Eagle Cut Trail from Underhill State Park to get some quiet, morning turns in the powder on the way down. This Vermont State Park is on the west side of Mt. Mansfield. In the summer a lot of people hike Mt. Mansfield from the park. In the winter it's a popular skiing trailhead for the very busy...[Read more]

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Snowstorm is on its way!

I love it when the National Weather Service forecast uses two-digit figures. As of Wednesday late-afternoon, we're looking at a storm from tonight to Friday morning to drop more than 10 inches of snow around Vermont. Likely more in the mountains. Yippee! Follow this link to keep track of NWS storm forecasts (like the image below) and snowfall totals in Vermont. You can probably guess that I'll be checking it often, too! And if you are going to be driving sometime...[Read more]

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

A winter wonderland up high

Moose tracks, bunny tracks and ski tracks. What a great combo! I wanted to get myself into a winter wonderland today, and I found it up high in Bolton, Vermont's backcountry trails. While it looked more like November down on Routes 89 and 2, just a short drive up the Bolton Access Road it started to look a lot like winter! I took my light backcountry skis for a tour on the backcountry trails. I was skiing between 2,150 feet and 2,690 feet or so. The trees were covered in snow...[Read more]

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Summer events highlight some very special skiing terrain in Bolton, Vermont

As part of the fundraising campaign to purchase the exceptional Nordic and backcountry terrain next to the Bolton Valley resort, the Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic & Backcountry (FOBVNB) and Vermont Land Trust have been coming up with a variety of special events. I attended a meeting this week and I can share a few of the events to look forward to this summer. Some of the events strive to get more people familiar with this beautiful piece of land, which is enjoyed by...[Read more]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Cross-country skiing, Ski towns in summer

Ridiculously blue sky day; Might be my last nordic ski

The Skimeister and I did a mellow tour up on Bolton Valley’s backcountry trails today. You’ll see that it was so sunny and warm that he was in a t-shirt. Snow is melting very fast in the lower reaches of the nordic trail network, but the coverage gets better when you get up to Bryant Cabin and beyond. Rivers and puddles are showing and it makes you keep on your toes, especially as you descend the Gardiner’s Lane or Bryant trails. While there is quite a bit of snow depth in...[Read more]

Sunday, March 18, 2012 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Spring skiing

Vermont Land Trust steps in to help skiers & hikers protect Bolton Valley's nordic and backcountry land

It was a year ago that I first got word that the owners of Bolton Valley Resort were selling a large parcel of land to an individual. And the shocker was that it would include the nordic trails and hamper access to a wonderful backcountry trail network. Most of the nordic center trails were not supposed to open for the 2011-2012 season. Tears came to my eyes while reading that news. But thankfully, that was not the end of the story.  Luckily for skiers,...[Read more]

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An afternoon backcountry skiing tour at Bolton Valley

So the sun was out today and we've seen up to four feet of snow in the last several days in the mountains of northern Vermont. I just had to ski this afternoon! We went up to the Bolton Valley backcountry trail network to earn a few turns. While it doesn't look like there's much snow to talk about when you first turn onto the Bolton Valley access road, it soon becomes clear that there's a lot of snow at higher elevations. We had light backcountry gear and we...[Read more]

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Snow — and lots of it!

Wow! I just skied in a bunch of new snow today!  Take a look at the snow in the photos. And it kept coming down all day... I knew the wind would be an issue today, and the Skimeister was volunteering at at an adaptive skiing race at Trapp Family Lodge. Those two things led me to come up with a plan that didn't include a high mountaintop. We would stay in the woods and ski from Trapp Family Lodge to the Mt. Mansfield/Stowe Mountain Resort cross-country...[Read more]

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It’s snowing!

We're hoping that this snowstorm that is now passing through Vermont will leave a decent amount of snow in its wake! The timing of the storm was later than they expected, and the storm totals have vacillated a bit. Bottom line: We'll have to wait to see what happens by the time the storm winds down by Saturday night! One thing that seems to be clear is that the winds are now blowing in the mountains and they are expected to blow tomorrow, too. Bolton Valley ski resort canceled night skiing...[Read more]

Friday, February 24, 2012 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

Earning turns in a winter wonderland

On our drive home from our ski this afternoon, the Skimeister and I saw a sign that said it was 1 degree. One little lonely degree. It was a good thing we skied up the CCC Road today to keep ourselves warm! The CCC Road is accessed from the Underhill State Park in Underhill, Vermont. There's a busy winter parking lot and you follow a road up to the state park and toward hiking trails that take you up Mt. Mansfield. The road was built by the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC). On the drive in...[Read more]

Saturday, January 14, 2012 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Mt. Mansfield

Big March snowstorm in northern Vermont

The snowstorm that is currently hitting Vermont has been most ferocious in the northern part of the Green Mountains. (It's about time! Several of the storms this season favored southern Vermont!) Here's what Vermont ski resorts are reporting for snowfalls via social media as of 7 and 8 am Monday morning. And it's still snowing in northern Vermont. Note: Check with the resort before you drive there. Some are indicating late openings or ice (southern Vermont) and weather-affected lift...[Read more]

Monday, March 7, 2011 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Cross-country skiing, Jay Peak, Mad River Glen, Smugglers' Notch, Sugarbush

Snowstorm should make for great weekend skiing

Skiers in Vermont are all a-twitter about today's snowstorm. It's been snowing heavily, starting in southern Vermont and working its way up to northern Vermont. Here in the Champlain Valley, I was disappointed not to wake up to the sound of a snowplow, but by 10 a.m. the roads were getting white and the snow had been coming down hard. (Here's a shot of snow falling against my car at 10:30. The snowbank remains from past storms.) Magic Mountain, Mount Snow and Stratton ski resorts already...[Read more]

Friday, February 25, 2011 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

Longtime alpine skier takes a telemark lesson to learn to really free her heel

Oliver, the Smugglers' Notch telemark instructor who coached me this week, seems to have the same skiing philosophy that I do. Why stick only to skiing on the trails and why stick to just one kind of skiing? Branching out and trying something new will keep skiing forever fun and interesting! This is what I've been doing for the last eight years or so. This lifelong alpine skier married a former nordic ski racer, so guess what new sport I picked up? Then I was introduced to...[Read more]

Friday, February 18, 2011 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing, Smugglers' Notch

A Cotton Brook backcountry skiing adventure

On Saturday I joined two friends for our first exploration of the Cotton Brook backcountry trail in the in Bolton / Waterbury / Stowe area of Vermont. I believe we hit a bit of all three towns during our lengthy ski tour, and it offered a little of everything. All three of us have skied the Bolton-Trapp Trail, and I think that trail is a much better choice for earning a sustained skiing descent. But we wanted to check out what was beyond those "To Cotton Brook" signs that tempt you...[Read more]

Sunday, February 13, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Food, coffee & après ski, Stowe

Catamount Trail skiing & a stay at a farmhouse inn in Waitsfield, Vermont

The end point: the snowy Lincoln Gap Road.

The sprawling farmhouse that is the Inn at Lareau Farm.

Located in Waitsfield, Vermont, it's handy to Sugarbush & Mad River Glen.

It's also close to Ole's and Blueberry Lake nordic centers.

The fun and funky American Flatbread restaurant.

Flatbread baked in a woodfired oven.

Breakfast time at the Inn at Lareau Farm.

Our room.

Yankee Magazine calls the inn a "Best Bargain for Low-Cost Comfort."

Catamount Trail Light snow fell most of the weekend in Vermont's Mad River Valley and on the other side of the Green Mountains, where I was skiing section 17 of the Catamount Trail. As our group skied the 10-mile section of this backcountry trail on Saturday, the fluffy snow created a featherbed effect along the trail. This section starts on the Natural Turnpike in Ripton, Vermont, and snakes its way to Lincoln Gap in Lincoln. We skied north, following the western edge of the Green Mountains....[Read more]

Monday, January 31, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Blueberry Lake, Catamount Trail, Food, coffee & après ski, Mad River Glen, Ole's, Sugarbush

A Vermont ski resort poll

Backcountry ski touring in northern Vermont

I'm so looking forward to some backcountry skiing around the spine of the Green Mountains this weekend! While northern Vermont missed this week's coastal storm, it looks like we'll get some light snow through the weekend. I'm packing my goggles! I enjoyed a nice cross-country ski at the end of the day yesterday near home in the Champlain Valley. We made our own route along a river and the edges of some corn fields. There was ample snow and while it was a bit crusty in sunny spots, it was not...[Read more]

Friday, January 28, 2011 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing

Views and turns earned on Burling and Beaver Meadow Trails

Well if it's going to be 10 degrees, it's always nice to have the sun out! We were treated to sunshine and blue skies as a group of us skied up the Beaver Meadow Trail and down the Burling Trail in Morristown, Vermont — on the flanks of the Sterling Range, north of Stowe. Because the Skimeister is recuperating from ACL reconstruction (yes, he messed up his knee while snowboarding), I've been seeking out friends and groups to ski with. Today I joined nice folks as part of a Catamount Trail...[Read more]

Saturday, January 22, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Catamount Trail, Stowe

A deep, white backcountry skiing tour today in northern Vermont

I've figured it out: I am a right-turner. At least when it comes to my skinny backcountry skis, I tele turn to the right much better than to the left. I figured this all out on the backcountry trails at Bolton Valley at lunchtime today. There is a lot of snow up there! It was gorgeous. On top of all the snow we've been getting for a week or two, I found a thin, fluffy layer of fresh snow from last night. It put a thin blanket over yesterday's ski tracks. I saw photos of the...[Read more]

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley

New snow today, and some icing here and there

Vermont ski resorts are reporting 4 to 9 inches of new snow; some got an icing as well. Mount Snow says the lifts got a coating of ice, so many have a delayed opening this morning. Magic Mountain, also in southern Vermont, said they also had received wet precipitation that created a layer of ice on top of the fresh snow that fell yesterday. A few resorts, including Mad River Glen, are reminding skiers that this snowfall — which is not as fluffy light as recent storms — is actually a good...[Read more]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

New book: “Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast”

Wow – what an incredible hardship for writer David Goodman. The Waterbury, Vermont-based writer had to ski backcountry and side-country ski trails all around the northeast so he could write about it. Tough job, but someone's got to do it, eh? The fruit of his labor is a book that came off the press this fall called “Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast.” I bought a copy of it at the Catamount Trail Association annual meeting, and I asked Goodman to sign it after he gave a slideshow....[Read more]

Sunday, January 16, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing

Snow today in Vermont, and backcountry events on the horizon

Well the snow is really hitting Vermont today! Nearly all of the state has a winter storm warning or winter weather advisory. Gets me in the mood for more backcountry skiing! With that in mind, here are two backcountry skiing events in Vermont that are coming up quickly. Get Out and Backcountry Ski Festival This Catamount Trail Association event is held at Bolton Valley Nordic Center on January 23. You can learn from expert instructors who will help you improve your telemark technique or...[Read more]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley

Wondering what 9 - 12 inches of Vermont powder looks like? I'll show you!

I earned some turns today, and I picked a winner of a day to do so! Up on Bolton Valley's backcountry trail network, I romped in 9 inches to a foot of fresh, light powder during an early-lunchtime ski tour. It was so gorgeous up there! (Just look at these photos!) While climbing Bryant Trail, I surmised that only two skiers had gone before me this morning (I could tell from the pole holes). And they had skins on because they didn't have to herringbone where I did in my waxless skis! I also...[Read more]

Monday, January 10, 2011 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley

Eight resorts now open; and Catamount Trail member savings

Mother Nature has been cooperating with Vermont ski resorts by allowing for some serious snowmaking to take place recently. And, some snow squalls added a bit of natural snow to the mix today. Eight ski resorts are now open in Vermont — most with limited intermediate and expert terrain. Gets a skier in the mood for skiing off some of their holiday overindulgence, and for saving some dough! On that note, I received my Catamount Trail Association member coupon booklet earlier this month and it's...[Read more]

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Catamount Trail, Cross-country skiing, Ticket discounts

What a difference a week makes

Last week we were in the midst of a freak spring snowstorm, while the last few days have been warm — almost too warm as we hit around 80 degrees. Things are looking very green in northern Vermont. And purple and pink and yellow and white, depending on what tree or bush is in the vicinity. Even the mountains which looked frosty white last week are now taking on their springlike appearance. Yet, a look at the official snow stake on the top of Mt. Mansfield illustrates that there is still a lot...[Read more]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Jay Peak, Mt. Mansfield, Spring skiing

Playing around in deep, damp snow on April 29

Here's a peek at what things looked like at higher elevations today in northern Vermont. I messed around on the Bryant and World Cup trails on Bolton Valley's nordic system this afternoon. Yesterday's freak spring storm and today's bright sunshine made this a must-do exercise. I'd say there was at least 14 inches in these shaded trails, which are located at about 2,100 feet. The snow was heavy, so what I did it was more like a snowshoe walk than a ski. But it was so nice being outside where I...[Read more]

Thursday, April 29, 2010 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Bolton Valley, Jay Peak, Spring skiing

102 inches of snow atop Mt. Mansfield

Yes, that is one - zero - two. 102 inches at the stake on Mansfield. Check out the graph: That's all. Just wanted you to know.[Read more]

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Mt. Mansfield

Two feet of snow or more: great for skiing, and sled dogs?

Fresh snow and sled dog racing, too!

This storm has dropped about two feet of snow on many Vermont ski resorts thus far — some are reporting more. The weather is affecting lift operations here and there today, so check my Vermont ski resorts snow conditions page. It has direct links to the resorts' ski report pages. This stuff is really helping to beef up our base. So happy! I'm planning on skiing on Friday, so I'll let you know where I end up and you can be sure I'll post some photos and a recap. Meanwhile, this weekend also...[Read more]

Thursday, February 25, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Burke, Cross-country skiing

More than a foot of new snow in Vermont — and more falling

Well the winter storm warning has delivered. Several Vermont ski resorts from Okemo to Jay Peak are reporting a foot or more of new snow this morning. And it continues to snow today. Yippee! Visit the snow report links on my Vermont Ski Resort page for the latest conditions. And here's a link to National Weather Service snow reports from towns across the state. Note that these are often in-town measurements — not mountain-top...[Read more]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

Cold, scenic ski tour in the woods in Stowe, Vermont

I'd say it was about 5 degrees (F) on Saturday when we clicked into our skis in the Sterling Valley area of Stowe, Vermont. Needless to say, it was not a day for dallying about. We selected a backcountry ski tour so that we'd keep moving and generate our own heat on this clear but cold day. I had been eyeing a section of the Catamount Trail in Stowe ever since our summer hike up in the Upper Sterling Valley. The Mount Mansfield Ski & Snowshoe Waterproof Trail Map (you can buy it at the...[Read more]

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Filed in: Backcountry skiing, Catamount Trail, Stowe

January rain to be followed by cold temps and snow

I absolutely hate it when it rains in the middle of winter. It feels like we took two steps forward to only take one step back. Aargh! It is indeed raining in Vermont today. The temperatures will drop through the week, however, and will be accompanied by some snow. In fact, the lows will be in the single digits in many places by Thursday evening. Go figure. We'll see what Mother Nature has to offer over the next few days. Let's hope for a strong rebound in the snow department.[Read more]

Monday, January 25, 2010 Filed in: Alpine / downhill skiing, Backcountry skiing, Cross-country skiing

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