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Mt. Mansfield

Snow atop Mt. Mansfield with a lake and sailboat in foreground

Fall foliage and “snowliage” in Vermont

Posted 10/10/22

We have been enjoying the most colorful time of the year in Vermont. We are hiking amongst reds, oranges and yellows. Good stuff! And this weekend our highest peaks got a taste of winter. We had…

Farm and mountain view with a snowmaking cloud

Skiing — and making snow — into the new year

Posted 1/3/22

Happy New Year to y'all! Hope you enjoyed the holidays. Now it's time to get serious about our snow dances! Northern Vermont got a few inches of snow over the last couple of days. That allowed our…

Backcountry skiing among the hardwoods on the west side of Mt. Mansfield

Posted 2/18/18

The Skimeister and I headed for the woods on the west side of Mt. Mansfield today. We parked at the Stevensville trailhead in Underhill, Vermont — a popular backcountry skiing trailhead where parking…

And the last resort standing is...

Posted 5/6/15

We moved rather rapidly from winter to early summer here in lower elevations of Vermont. Green stuff is growing like crazy and flowers are blooming. I may have to mow soon. With the warm weather, Jay…

Great day to earn turns in the Vermont backcountry

Posted 3/7/15

With temperatures in the “balmy” 20s and the sun trying to come out, it was a good day to hit the backcountry and earn some turns.  The Skimeister and I headed for Underhill, Vermont, on the west…

Third ski outing of the season in fluffy snow

Posted 11/29/14

What a treat to have it look like winter over Thanksgiving weekend! We snuck in a short cross-country tour in fresh snow before eating turkey on Thursday, and this morning we skied up the CCC Road at…

Skiing the Smugglers' Notch road

Our first ski today — on the road that goes through Smugglers’ Notch!

Posted 11/22/14

Woot-woot! We got out on the snow for the first time this season! There's been quite a bit of natural snow falling in the higher elevations of northern Vermont (13 inches now at the stake atop Mt.…

View from Mt. Mansfield hike

Exploring the mountains in Vermont — without the snow

Posted 7/27/14

I guess I adore mountains no matter the season. I love getting out in the woods and earning a view. On Saturday, one of my skiing buddies and I enjoyed a "triangle" hike on Mt. Mansfield. We went…

Smugglers' Notch skiing, Vermont

First ski of the year — on the Notch road in Stowe!

Posted 11/13/13

The Skimeister and I got in our first ski of the year by cross-country skiing on the road that goes through Smugglers' Notch! This section of Route 108 is closed now because they don't plow it, and to…

Telemark turns on the snowy CCC road.

Earning some powdery turns

Posted 1/4/13

Guess what we found today? More fluffy snow! Am I sounding like a broken record? Somehow I think you'll forgive me. The SkiMeister and I skied up the snow-covered CCC road and Eagle Cut Trail from…

Clearing skies afford views of new natural snow and manmade, too

Posted 11/6/12

The peaks in Vermont have been collecting some natural snow over the last few days, making them a beautiful white. (The National Weather Service is reporting 10 inches of snow at the stake atop Mt.…

Crazy April snowstorm in the mountains

Posted 4/10/12

More than a foot of snow reported at top of Mt. Mansfield, Jay and Killington! It's been snowing up high for over a day. Killington and Jay Peak are open and they are reporting 15+ inches of new snow…

Snow — and lots of it!

Posted 2/25/12

Wow! I just skied in a bunch of new snow today!  Take a look at the snow in the photos. And it kept coming down all day... I knew the wind would be an issue today, and the Skimeister was…

Earning turns in a winter wonderland

Posted 1/14/12

On our drive home from our ski this afternoon, the Skimeister and I saw a sign that said it was 1 degree. One little lonely degree. It was a good thing we skied up the CCC Road today to keep ourselves…

October 2010 brings all-time snow record for Mt. Mansfield

Posted 11/1/10

Weather Underground is reporting that October 2010 was the wettest and snowiest October on record atop Mount Mansfield. They wrote in an email alert that "a total of 14.71 inches of liquid…

Vermont's mountains to get first snow this weekend?

Posted 10/14/10

Are you ready for this? The National Weather Service reports that the higher peaks in Vermont may receive a few inches of snow, which may start falling on Friday! Check out the mountain forecast…

Hiking for 100 years in Vermont with the Green Mountain Club

Posted 8/10/10

Hey Green Mountain Club, you are looking good at 100! Yes, it's true. The keeper of the Long Trail — Vermont's footpath in the wilderness — is rolling into its second century. Did you know that the…

Exciting race on Mt. Mansfield is not downhill, but rather up the hill

Posted 7/9/10

There have been plenty of downhill races on the storied slopes of Mt. Mansfield, but only one major competition in recent memory challenges racers to go up to the summit as fast as they can. On…

What a difference a week makes

Posted 5/5/10

Last week we were in the midst of a freak spring snowstorm, while the last few days have been warm — almost too warm as we hit around 80 degrees. Things are looking very green in northern Vermont. And…

Late-April snow in Vermont.

Winter storm hits northern Vermont. Yes, snow on April 27.

Posted 4/27/10

You know, I haven't put away my ski equipment yet. My ski pants and jacket still hang from hooks in my entryway. My boot bag has been waiting patiently in the corner of my office. I think I might have…

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