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Mt. Mansfield

New snow in northern Vermont, including Jay Peak

Surprise snowfall in northern Vermont mountains

Posted 1/27/10

Well surprise, surprise! Northern Vermont ski resorts are reporting up to 12 inches of snow has fallen on their slopes in the last 24 hours. Yippee! We knew there was going to be light snow this…

Up & down the Overland Ski Trail on Mt. Mansfield

Posted 1/10/10

Judging by the "groomed" nature of the Overland Ski Trail this afternoon, I'd say it was a busy weekend on the west side of Mt. Mansfield! This backcountry trail is accessed from Stevensville Road in…

After a rainy Sunday, snow coming on Monday

Posted 12/27/09

Geez, I go away for a couple of days and things go to hell in a handbasket. OK, it isn't that bad, but we did see warm temperatures in Vermont on Sunday that brought some rain with them. Argh. So the…

Some new snow in Vermont

Posted 12/23/09

Vermont ski resorts are reporting a couple of inches of new snow this morning  — with the snow continuing today in many places. At the stake at the top of Mt. Mansfield yesterday afternoon, there…


Cold, snow, winter. Sweet!

Posted 12/10/09

The temperature is dropping. The snow has been falling. Things are looking up! Vermont's ski resorts are continuing to open (six more on tap for the weekend) and those that have been open are opening…

Snow comes to Vermont—especially in the higher peaks!

Posted 11/28/09

Now this is more like it. I'd like to welcome winter to Vermont. Oh, how we've missed you! This morning Vermont ski resorts are celebrating new snow and the return of seasonably cold temperatures on…

Snow on Vermont's Mt. Mansfield

A snowy Mount Mansfield

Posted 10/2/09

The National Weather Service reported three inches of snow fell at the top of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak. Here's a look at the mountain from the west this afternoon. It's got a nice white…

Spring skiing in Stowe, Vermont

Making springy turns at Stowe, Vermont, on St. Patrick's Day

Posted 3/17/09

Must be the luck of the Irish. We had a beautiful day of spring skiing at Stowe today! Stowe had special $35 lift tickets for St. Patrick's Day, so the Skimeister and I — and several hundred other…

Weather ups and downs and a Mardi Gras parade

Posted 2/26/09

The weather highs and lows are affecting my mood. Tuesday I was thrilled with an amazing powder day here in Vermont, but now it's likely to rain tomorrow—even at higher elevations—before it turns back…

Skiing the lower Steeple Trail, a classic backcountry trail near Mt. Mansfield

Posted 1/25/09

Saturday dawned with clear, sunny skies and the Skimeister and I cemented our plans for the day over breakfast. Despite the expected drop in temperatures during the day, we would head over to Stowe,…

Snowy late-afternoon climb and tele turns

Posted 1/9/09

The Skimeister and I started work early this morning with the goal of ending early. I'm happy to say we were able to squeeze in some late-afternoon turns on the western side of Mt. Mansfield. We…

The snow's been falling here in Vermont; 51 inches now at the stake

Posted 1/8/09

OK folks, while our economic recession is still trying to find its bottom, here in Vermont we're in a rebound of sorts. After a warm-up around Christmas time, we've cooled off and enjoyed some…

Fresh snow and bright sun at Mills Riverside Park today

Fluffy powder falls, but we need more of a base!

Posted 1/3/09

Friday night brought some snow our way in northern Vermont. As it was before Christmas, this stuff was super light and fluffy. Sugarbush resort reported seven inches of snow, Stowe says 5, Ascutney…

Snow forecasted for northern Vermont

Bring on the snow! Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Vermont

Posted 12/18/08

Check out this weather forecast for Stowe, Vermont. It's a thing of beauty. Flakes, flakes and more flakes! Yes, snow is on its way again after a weird week where we lost a bunch of snow on one day…

Great to be back out in the backcountry again

Posted 12/13/08

Ingredients for a lovely winter afternoon: white snowblue skiesbackcountry gear. I had my first backcountry outing of the season this afternoon and it was so nice to be back at it. The storm this…

Snowy Mt. Mansfield in the glow of the setting sun.

Snowy Mt. Mansfield and a ski movie get me motivated for ski season

Posted 11/23/08

What a combination: a snowy Mt. Mansfield and the glow of a setting sun. The mountain was pink this afternoon as the sun set. The photo is from a Web cam that is positioned at Burlington International…

Late-October snowstorm in northern Vermont

Late October brings snow and controversy

Posted 10/30/08

Is there snow in Vermont? Why, yes! The report from the tippy top of Mt. Mansfield is that there are 11 inches of snow at the stake—well above average for this time of year—due to the storm that came…

Mt. Mansfield is sporting a bit of a white coat today.

New snowfall (no joke!) and a rail jam this weekend

Posted 5/20/08

We've had a gorgeous morning in northern Vermont. When I drove home yesterday after work, however, I looked toward Bolton Valley ski resort and beneath the lifting clouds I saw ski runs. White ski…

Cross-country skiing at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon

Posted 3/31/08

What a difference a day makes. On Saturday I was bundled up against the wind and cold while backcountry skiing, and by Sunday afternoon I had no hat and only wore a midweight fleece as I…

Wintry photo of Mt. Mansfield

Frosted trees on Mansfield

Posted 12/1/07

If you've never visited the Green Mountain Club website, I will offer you a fun reason to do so now. Every month Vermont photographer Paul Hansen posts a wonderful desktop calendar photo. This month…

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