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A sunny, chilly cross-country ski at Ole's in Warren, Vt.

Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013
— Ole's, Cross-country skiing

Along the Warren Pinnacle Trail at Ole's today.

A view of Sugarbush from the Rock 'n Roll trail...

..and cool-looking clouds.

Skiing at the south end of the airstrip.

Birch trees and views on Warren Pinnacle Trail.

Belted cows seen along a road in Warren, Vermont.

With temperatures expected to rise to 10 degrees or more today, and a bright, sunny start to the day, it was clear that I had to get out and hit the trail!

On colder days I really prefer to stay warm while I ski. This typically means backcountry or cross-country skiing. I checked the snow report at Ole's Cross-Country Center in Warren, Vt., and headed out in the late morning.

When I stopped in to get my trail pass, a helpful staff member gave me the low-down on conditions. One section of a loop that I was planning on taking actually had very thin snow (a section of the Deer Run trail in the woods). With a couple of suggestions from her, I was heading out to try two loops that I had not skied before.

I headed south on the snow-covered airstrip (in the summertime Ole's is home to the Warren - Sugarbush Airport). I then crossed the road to try out the Rock 'n Roll loop in a super-sunny meadow area. The snow was great and this area was out of the nasty wind: A great choice!

I had my classic skis on and I returned back along the airport runway, called the "Runaway Trail." Soon I was skiing in the tracks and right into the wind. Brrrr! Thank god I took my neckwarmer today. I wore it the whole time because of the wind chill.

I crossed back over to the lodge and then approached the road here to walk across and access the Warren Pinnacle Trail. I really enjoyed this 5K loop as it climbed up the south edge of a meadow and then climbed into the woods.

I was soon skiing through woods full of cedar trees with a bunch of animal tracks all around. Later during the descent, I whizzed past pine trees and then stands of birch trees. The snow coverage was quite good, but I had to tip-toe through a few wooded areas where there was a lot of little debris from the trees. We need more snow! I then returned to the meadow to descend back to the ski center.

It was great to bundle up and get out into sun today. I may just have to do it again tomorrow!

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