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Ski towns in summer

Photo of top of a chairlift

Roaming the hills and getting excited for the snowy season in Vermont!

Posted 10/19/20

Did you hear our highest peaks got snow last weekend? That's always cool to see in October. It gets us excited for skiing! We've been hiking to get our legs in shape for all those left turns and…

Biking in the Champlain Valley, Vermont

Summer in Vermont: Skiers find thrills in the mountains and on the water

Posted 7/23/18

Despite our love for winter and all things cold and frosty, there are some benefits to the "off-season" here in Vermont. We like to make the most of summer in our scenic state whether we're on two…

Mountain biking in Vermont. Rolling through summer.

Posted 8/4/17

Summertime means mountain biking for many skiers in Vermont. I got a new-to-me full-suspension bike this spring and I'm really enjoying it. Last weekend we hit up Kingdom Trails in East Burke,…

Mountain biking in the "802"

Posted 7/28/16

We're so very lucky to have wonderful biking in Vermont — from paved bike paths to hard-core single track. And don't forget the great dirt roads to explore, as well. Here are a few shots of mountain…

Summer in Vermont ski country

Posted 8/12/15

For many of us snow-crazed individuals, summer is "off season." But if you are going to have an off season, it's tough to beat Vermont. Here are a few shots of summertime fun that we have in northern…

View from Mt. Mansfield hike

Exploring the mountains in Vermont — without the snow

Posted 7/27/14

I guess I adore mountains no matter the season. I love getting out in the woods and earning a view. On Saturday, one of my skiing buddies and I enjoyed a "triangle" hike on Mt. Mansfield. We went…

Vermont farmers' markets

Vermont farmers' markets in and around ski towns

Posted 6/10/13

Summertime, and the living is easy... Vermont is looking green and lush these days. Fields are starting to produce summer treats and the farmers are taking them to market. Many towns around Vermont…

Farmers' market in Stowe, Vermont

Farmers’ markets in Vermont's ski towns

Posted 7/16/12

It’s veggie time in the mountains of Vermont! Vermont's ski towns are among those that have weekly farmers' markets when the snow is not flying. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture produces a handy web…

Summer events highlight some very special skiing terrain in Bolton, Vermont

Posted 5/16/12

As part of the fundraising campaign to purchase the exceptional Nordic and backcountry terrain next to the Bolton Valley resort, the Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic & Backcountry (FOBVNB) and Vermont…

"The best off-season activity" poll for skiers & riders

Posted 4/18/12

When you can't make turns, what are you most likely to do outdoors? Weigh in here and see how others have voted.

Sterling Lift.

Hiking up to Sterling Pond and top of Sterling Lift in Smugglers' Notch

Posted 9/12/11

What a gorgeous weekend! I took advantage of ample sunshine by biking a loop around Stowe, Vermont, on Saturday, and then hiking in Smugglers’ Notch on Sunday morning. Some trees are starting to…

A summer hike on Stowe Pinnacle

Posted 8/11/11

The Green Mountain Club has a new dayhiker's guide book out this summer. One of the more popular moderate hikes in the Stowe area is Stowe Pinnacle. Atop this knob you are rewarded with views in all…

Farmers’ markets in Vermont — veggies (and more) in the mountains!

Posted 7/15/11

After a snowy winter and wet spring, we are enjoying farmers’ market season in Vermont! At recent markets that I went to I saw lots of leafy vegetables, tomatoes, beans, peas, beets and more. Can’t…

Lift serviced mountain biking in Vermont

Lift-served mountain biking in Vermont

Posted 6/17/11

Adrenaline rushes. Quick reflexes. Wind in your face. There’s a lot of crossover between skiing and mountain biking. Perhaps that’s why so many of us enjoy both sports! Well if you want to kick your…

Hiking for 100 years in Vermont with the Green Mountain Club

Posted 8/10/10

Hey Green Mountain Club, you are looking good at 100! Yes, it's true. The keeper of the Long Trail — Vermont's footpath in the wilderness — is rolling into its second century. Did you know that the…

Exciting race on Mt. Mansfield is not downhill, but rather up the hill

Posted 7/9/10

There have been plenty of downhill races on the storied slopes of Mt. Mansfield, but only one major competition in recent memory challenges racers to go up to the summit as fast as they can. On…

Vermonters take to the rivers, lakes and mountains to escape the heat

Posted 7/8/10

Many Skimaven readers hail from the Northeast, so it's no surprise to you to hear that we are having a heatwave — even up here in northern Vermont. Temperatures have been in the 90s this week. We're…

River hopping on a hot day in northern Vermont

Posted 6/22/10

When it's going to be a hot, humid day, my body feels a magnetic pull toward water. Gurgling, splashing, rocky-bottom river water to be precise. Being able to dunk my feet and stretch out on a some…

Stowe's farmers market

Farmers market schedule for Vermont ski towns

Posted 5/20/10

It's that time of year again: farmers markets are opening in Vermont. I know the downtown Burlington, Vt., farmers market has already opened. It was packed last Saturday! And I heard that Stowe's…

Reminder for spring hikers in Vermont: Hike low!

Posted 5/17/10

Ah, the weather is super-fine right now, making one dream of hiking the gorgeous summits in Vermont. But hold on a bit longer, here's a reminder from our friends at the Green Mountain Club. Reminder…

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