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Soaking up the sun while skiing at Ole's Cross-Country Center

Posted 2/22/17

When I cross-country skied almost two weeks ago, I nearly froze my fingers off in the bitter wind. Today I could have worn a t-shirt and gone without gloves. Spring temperatures have come early to…

Springy Nordic skiing under the sun at Ole's Cross-Country Center

Posted 3/25/15

Spring sunshine and temperatures were forecast today so we made plans to enjoy the day outside. We put a couple pairs of Nordic skis in the car and headed to Ole's Cross-Country Ski Center in Warren,…

Cross-country skiing at Ole's nordic center

Blue skies and good tracks today at Ole's Cross Country Ski Center in Warren, Vermont

Posted 1/4/14

What a day to be out on the Nordic trails! The sun came out, the temperatures warmed up to “normal” wintertime numbers, and in the early afternoon there was not very much wind!  The SkiMeister and I…

A sunny, chilly cross-country ski at Ole's in Warren, Vt.

Posted 1/26/13

With temperatures expected to rise to 10 degrees or more today, and a bright, sunny start to the day, it was clear that I had to get out and hit the trail! On colder days I really prefer to stay warm…

Deal alert: January learn-to-ski-and-snowboard deals & free XC skiing

Posted 1/3/13

The snow continues to be great thanks to Mother Nature serving up frequent “refresher” snows overnight. Today was a cold one (a good day to get work done), but the temperatures will warm up for…

A ski tour around Ole’s nordic center in the Mad River Valley

Posted 3/4/12

Today was a day for passing snow showers in the Mad River Valley of Vermont. We enjoyed a nice cross-country ski tour at Ole’s nordic center in Warren, Vt. The temperature was in the 30s with little…

Blue skies, chilly wind on Sunday at Ole's Nordic Center in Warren, Vt.

Posted 3/28/11

We did some cross-country skiing on a sunny Sunday at Ole's Nordic Center in Warren, Vermont. The snow coverage was excellent. In fact, the snow was very fast because it hadn't heated up much, even in…

Sunday cruising at Ole’s nordic center in Warren, Vt.

Posted 2/28/11

On Sunday the Skimeister and I heard that Monday would bring a “wintry mix” to northern Vermont, so we grabbed our gear and headed for Ole's Cross-Country Ski Center in Warren, Vermont. It’s a scenic…

Catamount Trail skiing & a stay at a farmhouse inn in Waitsfield, Vermont

Posted 1/31/11

Catamount Trail Light snow fell most of the weekend in Vermont's Mad River Valley and on the other side of the Green Mountains, where I was skiing section 17 of the Catamount Trail. As our group…

A nordic kind of January: Winter Trails Day & the Tour de Stowe

Posted 1/3/11

Ever wonder what all the fuss was about when it comes to cross-country skiing or snowshoeing? Well it's about time you found out. Winter Trails Day Eight nordic centers in Vermont are offering…

Work when it rains; ski when the sun shines

Posted 3/16/10

Over the last week and a half I've tried to make the most of the sunny days to hit the slopes or cross-country ski trails. I'm thankful that I can work odd hours, so that often gives me flexibility to…

Sunshine-y nordic skiing in Vermont, in the Mad River Valley

Posted 3/9/10

Can it get any better than this? The Skimeister and I hit Ole's cross-country center in Warren, Vermont, this afternoon for a ski tour. It was absolutely gorgeous out. No clouds. Warm temperatures.…

Cross-country ski at an airport — at Ole's in Vermont

Posted 3/3/10

When you arrive at Ole's nordic center in Warren, Vermont, you can't help but notice the ski lodge looks a bit like an air traffic tower. And the orange windsocks make you really start to suspect…

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