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Ski movies help us get through to winter in Vermont!

Shot from Valhalla ski film

Shot from Valhalla ski film

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Updated 12/20/2013

Skiers in Vermont start getting antsy for snow pretty early in the fall. For me, it’s once I start reaching for fleece jackets or blankets at night. One of the ways we get through this annual ordeal is to gather in theaters to watch ski movies. Hooting and hollering are sometimes involved; it’s all just part of our coping mechanism.

Shot from Valhalla ski film

Here’s a list of ski films in Vermont that we’ve heard about. Know of any others? Drop us a line. We’ll update this post as new info comes in.

Ski movies in Vermont, Fall 2013

October 2

Level 1’s “Partly Cloudy” at Alexander Twilight Theater, Lyndon State College

Oct 4

Level 1’s “Partly Cloudy” at Alumni Auditorium, Champlain College

Oct 11

Level 1’s “Partly Cloudy” at Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont

Oct 11

“The Crash Reel,” a documentary by Lucy Walker at Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington

Oct 13

“A Passion for Snow,” a documentary by Densmore, Moulton and Waterhouse at Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington

Oct 17

Powderwhore’s “Elevation” at Outdoor Gear Exchange, Burlington

Oct 18

Sweetgrass Productions’ “Valhalla” at Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont

Oct 21

Sherpa Cinemas’ “Into the Mind” at Higher Ground, South Burlington

November 6

Level 1’s “Partly Cloudy” at Whittemore Hall, Dartmouth College

Nov 7

T-Bar Films’ "United We Ski" at Main Street Landing, Burlington

Nov 9

TGR’s “The Way of Life” at the Savoy Theater, Montpelier

Nov 10

T-Bar Films’ "United We Ski" at St. Albans Historical Museum, St. Albans. *This is a new date*

Nov 14

MSP’s “McConkey” at Higher Ground, So. Burlington

Nov 14

T-Bar Films' "United We Ski" at Billings Hall, University of Vermont, Burlington

Nov 15

T-Bar Films' "United We Ski" at West Monitor Barn, Richmond

Nov 16

Sherpa Cinemas’ “Into the Mind” at Big Picture Theater, Waitsfield

Nov 16

T-Bar Films’ "United We Ski" at Bradford Academy, Bradford 

Nov 16

TGR’s “Way of Life” at Higher Ground, So. Burlington

Nov 19

T-Bar Films’ "United We Ski" at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.

December 5 

Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” at Town Hall Theater, Middlebury

Dec 6 

Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” at Flynn Theater, Burlington

Dec 12

Winter Wildlands Backcountry Film Festival at Outdoor Gear Exchange, Burlington

Dec 21

Mount Snow Film Festival, Mount Snow Resort

Dec 27-28

Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” at Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum, Stowe

Dec 29

Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Stowe

Jan 3

Warren Miller’s “Ticket to Ride” at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Stowe

February 16-21

Stowe Mountain Film Fest, Stowe

Note: The locally made film called “United We Ski” is a documentary by T-Bar Films about small ski areas in Vermont. <link http: external-link-new-window>You can check out the trailer here. 


Photo: A shot from the “Valhalla” ski film by Sweetgrass Productions.

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