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Reminder for spring hikers in Vermont: Hike low!

Ah, the weather is super-fine right now, making one dream of hiking the gorgeous summits in Vermont. But hold on a bit longer, here's a reminder from our friends at the Green Mountain Club.Hiking in the fall in Vermont

Reminder for Spring Hikers: Stay Off High-Elevation Trails

Vermont's trails are wet and muddy in the spring. When hikers step on saturated soil, they make deep gullies and pits that will be there all summer long. If hikrs step off the trail to avoid mud, they increase erosion by creating additional trenches for run-off. The State of Vermont closes hiking trails on state land (includeing the trails on Mt. Mansfield and Camel's Hump) from mid-April to Memorial Day. The state also joins with the Green Mountain Club, Green Mountain National Forest and Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation in urging responsible use of all of Vermont's hiking trails between sugaring season and Memorial Day.

Plan lower elevation hikes. A trail may be dry at the trailhead but very muddy higher up. Spring is a great time to walk in lakeside parks or hike on dirt roads, rail trails and rec paths.

Give our hiking trails a chance to dry out. They'll need less maintenance and will be safer and more enjoyable all summer and fall!

<link https: external-link-new-window mountain club spring>Check this link for a few mud-season hiking suggestions.

Photo: A hiking shot from the fall.


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