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2012 UVM Winter Carnival nordic ski racing — Day two

Today's 10k freestyle winner: UVM's Caitlin Patterson.

Anja Gruber of UVM climbs the hill. She finished 7th.

Caitlin Patterson (right) catches a Midd skier.

Dartmouth's Carly Wynn finished 8th.

Lucy Garrec finished 4th for UVM.

A Harvard and UNH skier do battle.

UVM's Amy Glen flies toward the downhill, taking 5th.

Two racers navigate the downhill curve.

Dartmouth's Sophie Caldwell (right) would come in 2nd today.

Erika Flowers of Dartmouth (left) took 3rd.

A congratulatory hug at the finish for these Bates skiers.

Blue skies. White snow. Ski racing action. It was another gorgeous day to be out on skis!

Today's cross-country ski races at the UVM Winter Carnival at Trapp Family Lodge featured freestyle (or skating) races. Both men and women skied 10 km. This time, UVM's Caitlin Patterson came out on top. On the men's side, Middlebury's Patrick Johnson won for a second day in a row.

I photographed the women's race today. Enjoy the photos!

Today the conditions called for a skating on the trails at Trapps, so that's what I did. The snow was granular and fast. The views were great again today with blue skies and some white, puffy clouds. A great weekend to be out skiing!

Top 10 women in 10K freestyle race today

1   167 PATTERSON, Caitlin      UVM           28:16.9  50.0         100

2   176 CALDWELL, Sophie        DAR           28:27.9  47.0          80

3   155 FLOWERS, Erika          DAR           28:30.9  44.0          60

4   146 GARREC, Lucy            UVM           28:37.2  41.0          50

5   163 GLEN, Amy               UVM           28:42.1  39.0          45

6   144 HART, Annie             DAR           29:14.9  37.0          40

7   120 GRUBER, Anja            UVM           29:19.2                36

8   137 WYNN, Carly             DAR           29:22.9                32

9   171 TOFTE, Alena            HAR           29:29.4  35.0          29

10  174 GUINEY, Elizabeth       UNH           29:43.7  33.0          26


Top 10 men in 10K freestyle race today

1   368 JOHNSON, Patrick        MID           24:09.7  50.0         100

2   354 TARLING, Sam            DAR           24:51.5  47.0          80

3   369 BERNSTEIN, Franz        UVM           25:03.4  44.0          60

4   314 HOWE, Alexander         UVM           25:08.5  41.0          50

5   372 FORTIN, Mathieu         LAV           25:09.2  39.0

6   365 BUETOW, Jordan          BAT           25:10.8  37.0          45

7   364 PACKER, Eric            DAR           25:18.7  35.0          40

8   353 LUSTGARTEN, Benjamin    MID           25:19.1  33.0          36

9   305 MANGAN, Steven          DAR           25:22.4  31.0          32

10  367 LUTHI, Dimitri          WIL           25:24.8  30.0          29


And this is how the team's finished the weekend, after combining alpine and nordic results.

1.   DARTMOUTH COLLEGE                  DAR   916.0            

2.   UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT              UVM   735.0            

3.   MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE                 MID   729.0            

4.   UNIV OF NEW HAMPSHIRE              UNH   698.0            

5.   BATES COLLEGE                      BAT   534.0            

6.   WILLIAMS COLLEGE                   WIL   512.0            

7.   COLBY COLLEGE                      CBC   476.0            

8.   ST LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY             SLU   441.0            

9.   HARVARD UNIVERSITY                 HAR   357.0            

10.  ST MICHAELS COLLEGE                SMC   300.0            

11.  PLYMOUTH STATE UNIVERSITY          PSU   213.0            

12.  BOWDOIN COLLEGE                    BOW   137.5            

13.  BOSTON COLLEGE                     BC    111.5            

14.  COLBY SAWYER COLLEGE               CSC   106.0            


Of note: A handful of UVM's alpine athletes were competing in NorAm races in Vail this weekend and certainly UVM's team score suffered as a result.


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