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UVM Winter Carnival ski racing

Posted Saturday, February 4, 2012
— Trapp Family Lodge, Cross-country skiing, Ski racing

UVM's Franz Bernstein (right) on his way to his 3rd place finish.

The winner of today's race: Patrick Johnson of Middlebury.

Dylan Grald of UVM starts the race with double poling.

Dartmouth's Sam Tarling placed second.

Ski racers make their way for another lap at Trapps.

Alex Howe of UVM (left) charges up the last hill in the course.

Eric Packer of Dartmouth came in 4th.

Dylan Grald of UVM finished 9th.

UVM's Scott Patterson finished 18th.

The podium: Johnson of Midd; Tarling of Dart; Bernstein of UVM

We caught some of the racing action today at the 2012 UVM Winter Carnival. We watched the men compete in the classic cross-country race at Trapp Family Lodge. It was a 10 km race on a lovely, sunny day. Then we tried to emulate what we saw by doing some classic skiing ourselves on the snowy trails. Stowe had received about 1 to 2 inches of snow overnight.

Enjoy the photos! There's more racing tomorrow if you want to check it out!

Here are the top 10 women's classic results

1     77 CALDWELL, Sophie DAR 15:48.0 50.0 100

2    73 PATTERSON, Caitlin UVM 15:55.4 47.0 80

3    59 HART, Annie DAR 15:56.1 44.0 60

4    53 GLEN, Amy UVM 16:00.2 41.0 50

5    29 GRUBER, Anja UVM 16:00.6 39.0 45

6    51 GARREC, Lucy UVM 16:04.6 40

7    42 FLOWERS, Erika DAR 16:20.3 37.0 36

8    70 POKORNY, Annie MID 16:26.2 35.0 32

9    16 RAMEY, Tristan UNH 16:33.9 33.0 29

10   76 GUINEY, Elizabeth UNH 16:39.5 31.0 26

Here are the top 10 men's classic results

1   300 JOHNSON, Patrick        MID           28:18.6  50.0         10

2   309 TARLING, Sam            DAR           28:18.9  47.0          80

3   317 BERNSTEIN, Franz        UVM           28:20.6  44.0          60

4   319 PACKER, Eric            DAR           28:46.9  41.0          50

5   295 VERMEER, Gordon P       DAR           28:47.6  39.0          45

6   293 HORST, Fritz            UVM           29:04.4  37.0          40

7   323 LINDGREN, Per           UNH           29:20.5  35.0          36

8   302 LUSTGARTEN, Benjamin    MID           29:22.6  33.0          32

9   269 GRALD, Dylan            UVM           29:25.1  31.0          29

10   306 LINDGREN, Erik          UNH           29:32.3  30.0          26

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