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Biking around the ski town of Stowe, Vermont

Spring has sprung in Stowe, Vermont.

Nice way to spend the afternoon.

Time to get out on the recreation path.

And on the dirt roads around town.

I love the long daylight hours that we enjoy at this time of year. However, because of this light, I woke up way too early on this Sunday morning. I peer out the window and what do I see? Snowflakes are blowing around in the stiff breeze.

We surely are enjoying highs and lows when it comes to spring weather lately!

Luckily, I knew the forecast for this weekend wasn't looking good so on Friday afternoon I headed out to Stowe, Vt., for a bike ride. The sun was shining and I needed to be in it.

I enjoy both the recreation path and the rather quiet backroads that Stowe has to offer. And on a weekday there are few people to say "passing on the left" on the path!

The tulips and trees were flowering in Stowe, but I noticed that the lilacs hadn't popped yet up in the hills above town. I grabbed a coffee and low-fat scone at Harvest Market (on the Mountain Road) and enjoyed it by the river on the recreation path, prior to heading out for my bike loop. I'm still at a loss when it comes to a coffee hangout in Stowe, ever since the Stowe Coffeehouse closed. If anyone has a suggestion, please share!

When it comes to skiing and biking, loops rock. I started at the end of the recreation path, went up Edson Hill Road (yup, the steep, nasty hill near Wiessner Woods) and enjoyed a classic view of Mt. Mansfield's ski runs. I just saw a few pockets of snow remaining at the top of this side of the mountain.

Then I did the ups and downs on the dirt road before enjoying a long, rather chilly downhill on Weeks Hill Road and the twists and turns back on the recreation path. I love how the path follows the contours of the river in most places, and crosses it about 11 times.

<link http: maps external-link-new-window bike loop in>I posted a map of this 10-mile biking loop here.

I just snapped a couple of photos. I look forward to many more bike rides this summer — in the woods and on the paths and dirt roads of Vermont.

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