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Mogul runs, powdery stashes & smooth groomers at Mad River Glen

Skiing off the Single Chair at Mad River Glen

Lower Antelope

Fall Line

The view from the top of Paradise

Apres ski in General Stark's Pub

We rustled up some friends, waxed our skis and drove up to Mad River Glen today. Vermont has been piling up a lot of snow lately and it was a good day to enjoy a deep base of snow at this unique ski area.

We skied pretty hard and that kept us warm despite really cold temperatures (it was below zero during our first ride of the Single Chair at 9 a.m.). We're getting good at dressing for the cold with several layers, balaclava, boot gloves and hand warmers. Being prepared for the cold allowed us to get out on the soft snow this morning before others had considered leaving the warmth of their homes.

Some of our favorite runs today included Upper and Lower Glade, Gazelle Woods and Canyon. The very challenging Paradise and Fall Line trails were in great shape, as well. While experts can find plenty of steep bumps and tight trees to play in, there's more to Mad River Glen than that. It may surprise you that Mad River grooms several runs each night so there are nice options when you needed to stretch your legs out on a groomed, packed-powder run.

Off of the Single Chair it was a thrill to zoom around the corners of the groomed Upper Antelope and Catamount trails. Lower on the mountain, Bunny and Porcupine offered wide, cruising fun. Also, even though the Birdland lift is closed during the week, if you cut over to those trails you can enjoy mellow groomed runs. You'll also find some powder on the sides of the trails, in the trees and on the other trails that weave through this sunny side of the mountain.

In the woods, when you found untracked snow, it was often quite deep and light. Our skis went on powder-seeking missions on every run. Mission accomplished!

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