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Fall & early season

Make tracks to a Vermont ski swap.

Northern & Central Vermont ski swaps in 2009

Posted 8/31/09

<<CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE 2018 LIST OF SKI SWAPS!>> Yes, it's getting cool outside. I'm getting antsy, too. Now's the time to plan your attack on Vermont ski swaps. What gear are you going to…

What a difference a day makes during early season skiing in Vermont

Posted 12/5/08

What a difference a day makes. Thursday's skiing reminded me of some of the spring skiing I enjoyed last season. After we waited out the morning rain (yes, rain!), we took to the Sterling lift at…

First turns at Smugglers' Notch ski resort on the final day of November

Posted 11/30/08

Phew! I just snuck in under the wire. I'm happy to report that I took my first turns for the season in November — just as I did last year — even if it was the very last day of the month. The…

Snowy Mt. Mansfield in the glow of the setting sun.

Snowy Mt. Mansfield and a ski movie get me motivated for ski season

Posted 11/23/08

What a combination: a snowy Mt. Mansfield and the glow of a setting sun. The mountain was pink this afternoon as the sun set. The photo is from a Web cam that is positioned at Burlington International…

Snowguns are blasting in Vermont so that ski resorts can open this weekend.

Blowing + falling snow = happy Vermont ski resorts

Posted 11/20/08

Since temperatures did a swan dive on Sunday evening, we've been enjoying steady, cold temperatures here in Vermont. Snowmaking crews are working hard to lay down a good base, and Mother Nature even…

Warm and wet weather pushes back openings at Vermont ski resorts

Posted 11/15/08

It's raining here in northern Vermont and it's in the 50s. Yeah, it isn't a pretty picture. But, hey, it's still early in November and we have some time for the weather to turn cold and for…

Opening dates for Vermont ski resorts—where will you ski first?

Posted 11/10/08

I got an e-mail from Ski Vermont and it included a run-down of opening dates for Vermont ski resorts. Yay!  These are listed in chronological order. Please visit my Vermont Ski Resorts page and…

Vermont's first ski area opens for the ski season

And we're off and skiing in Vermont!

Posted 11/3/08

Killington ski resort opened for the ski season on Sunday, November 2. The Big K ski conditions page reports that they have two lifts, seven trails and three miles of skiing—all for the low price of…

Late-October snowstorm in northern Vermont

Late October brings snow and controversy

Posted 10/30/08

Is there snow in Vermont? Why, yes! The report from the tippy top of Mt. Mansfield is that there are 11 inches of snow at the stake—well above average for this time of year—due to the storm that came…

October 22 snow at Jay Peak ski resort in Vermont

October snow in Vermont

Posted 10/22/08

Ah, the little white flakes are making their first appearance here in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. It is just flurrying here, but the snow is sticking a bit in the higher elevations. Vermont…

"I smell stuffing!" says this Stowe skier on Nov. 20

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving

Posted 11/21/07

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, people were looking for their winter gear, and starting to grouse. OK, I've found my boot bag, long johns, hats and mittens, helmet, and…

Snowy view of Mt. Mansfield's western slopes

Vermont's highest peak is snowy

Posted 11/10/07

Today I donned my longjohns, grabbed my ski hat and gloves and headed not for the mountains, but for the lake. My husband, friends Pete and Nicole, and I jumped into a J24 sailboat for a race today on…

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