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New in 2016 - 2017: Enhancements at central and northern Vermont ski areas

Ski area improvements in Vermont 2016 - 2017

Vermont’s ski resorts are getting prepared for a new — and hopefully MUCH snowier — ski season. Here’s a recap of ski area improvements and investments in the central and northern portions of Vermont. Bolton Valley Bolton Valley is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The ski area plans to increase early-season snowmaking and will offer more night skiing in 2016-17. The mountain will be bringing in an additional air compressor for snowmaking for one month starting in late...[Read more]

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Southern Vermont ski resort improvements for the 2016 - 2017 ski season

Magic Mountain, Vermont ski resort improvements

We're taking a look around the Green Mountain State to see who is doing what to their resorts for the coming winter. Let's get started by looking at the improvements at ski areas in southern Vermont.  Ascutney Trails community ski hill Volunteers have been working on a new warming hut at the base of the rope tow. They've also be clearing trails and preparing the area for the winter season. More work days are planned for this fall. Check their Facebook page for info. Bromley...[Read more]

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On-mountain improvements at central & northern Vermont ski resorts for the 2014-2015 season

Snowmaking improvements in Vermont

Snowmaking. That's the most prevalent improvement at Vermont ski resorts for the 2014-2015 ski season. A big reason is a program with Efficiency Vermont that provided incentives to replace old, less-efficient snowmaking equipment with new, high-efficiency equipment. A $5-million rebate program from Efficiency Vermont helped initiate a $15-million investment in high-efficiency snow guns at resorts around the state. The resorts say that the new snowmaking guns can create a lot more snow in less...[Read more]

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Vermont ski resorts with lift improvements this year

New chairlift at Okemo, Vermont

Among the on-mountain investments and improvements happening at Vermont ski resorts each year (we'll soon recap all that is new at each ski area for 2014-15), some of the most exciting changes are often lift upgrades and improvements. Here's the line on lifts for the coming season. Okemo Mountain in southern Vermont is now installing a six-pack, high-speed lift. That is, six people ride the chair together. I've been on a couple of these and it's a bit more challenging...[Read more]

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Southern Vermont ski resort improvements for 2013 - 2014

Recently we recapped central and northern Vermont ski resort improvements for the 2013 - 2014 ski season. Now up: ski areas in southern Vermont. Here are some changes you can expect this winter.  Bromley Mountain Bromley invested in some new snowmaking guns, pipe, an air compressor and a Prinoth BR350 groomer. The installation of the new centrifugal air compressor replaces three older models and increases snowmaking efficiency. In the base lodge, you'll notice some renovations and...[Read more]

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What’s New? Central and northern Vermont ski resort improvements for 2013 / 2014

New base lodge at Jay Peak ski resort in Vermont

As a skier or rider, it’s good to know about the changes you can expect at Vermont ski resorts this winter. Here’s a look at on-mountain improvements that have been announced at northern and central Vermont ski resorts for 2013 - 2014. An upcoming post will cover southern Vermont ski areas.  Bolton Valley Resort Bolton Valley is replacing 6,000 feet of snowmaking pipe. They are also updating one-third of the ski and snowboard rental fleet with new equipment. In the base lodge, look for a...[Read more]

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Improvements in snowmaking, trails & facilities at Vermont ski resorts

Last season featured new chairlifts at three Vermont ski resorts (at Burke, Mount Snow and Stowe — read about it here), while this year only Jay Peak has a new lift. Investments were mostly steered toward snowmaking, trails and facilities at Vermont ski resorts for the 2012 - 2013 ski season. Here's a look at on-mountain investments that you'll see this season. Bolton Valley no on-mountain improvements announced Bromley Mountain base lodge renovations for the upcoming season60 new HKD...[Read more]

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New chairlifts at three Vermont ski resorts for 2011 - 2012

For the 2011 - 2012 ski season, new ski lifts are being installed at three ski resorts in Vermont. New lifts are coming online at Stowe and Burke Mountain up north, and Mount Snow in the south. Here's the scoop on these resort improvement projects: Stowe Mountain quad A new high-speed, detachable quad replaces the old one that's been in service since the 1980s. The new "Four-Runner" unloads a bit higher above the Octagon summit lodge than the former...[Read more]

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Mountain improvements at Jay Peak, Sugarbush and Stowe ski resorts

Base area and lodging enhancements were the focus this year at the northern Vermont ski resorts of Stowe, Sugarbush and Jay Peak, with some additional snowmaking improvements as well. Sugarbush improvements At Sugarbush, skiers will notice new base lodges and amenities in the Lincoln Peak base area for the 2010 – 2011 season. I like to report on skiing-related improvements, so on the snowy side of things, Sugarbush reports that they began replacing key sections of its snowmaking...[Read more]

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New lifts are part of the plans for Mount Snow and Okemo

Here's a look at skiing-related mountain improvements for Okemo and Mount Snow in southern Vermont. Okemo Mountain Resort improvements Okemo is doing one of the two ski lift installations in the state this season — both are surface lifts for novice skiers.Okemo’s final Poma lift (you know, the ones with the plastic disks) has been dismantled to make room for a user-friendly surface lift for young children who are learning how to ski. The Snow Star Poma, located at Okemo’s Clock Tower Base...[Read more]

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Mountain improvements at Killington for this ski season

Next up in our series describing on-mountain, skiing-related improvements at Vermont ski resorts is Killington in central Vermont. Snowmaking upgrades topped the list of summer mountain improvement projects at Killington, including energy efficiency upgrades, pump re-builds, trunk line replacements, and a new cooling system at the South Ridge Pump House. The resort's been building up its arsenal of lower energy snow guns, including two new fan guns for the bottom of the Superstar and Snowshed...[Read more]

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Mountain improvements at southern Vermont ski resorts Bromley, Magic and Stratton

Snowmaking improvements on tap at Magic Mountain.

This season it was challenging to get information on Vermont ski resort mountain improvements. You see, I like to write about the on-mountain, skiing-related improvements because those apply to all skiers and riders, whether or not you are dining at or staying overnight at a resort or not. While this year there are some serious dollars being spent here and there on slopeside lodging, ice rinks, mountain coasters and art centers, the skiing-related improvements are fewer and farther between.Is...[Read more]

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Cochran’s Ski Area in the spotlight

Cochran's Ski Area in Vermont

Despite being in a business where bigger is often considered better, cozy Cochran’s Ski Area in Richmond, Vermont, continues to thrive as it serves skiing families. Just last week, The Boston Globe wrote about Cochran’s Ski Area. You can follow this link to the article.Eight trails spill from the top of Cochran’s three surface lifts — many of them offering thrills for beginners.The ski area staff reports that for this season, skiers will see improved snowmaking on all trails and on the T-bar...[Read more]

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Photos of new chairlift installation at Middlebury Snow Bowl

New lift installation at Middlebury Snowbowl

Just received these shots of the new Doppelmayr CTEC fixed-grip triple chair going in at Middlebury Snow Bowl. It's the only new chairlift project in Vermont this season. The lift replaces the 40-year-old Worth Mountain chair, which was a double chair, at a cost of about $1.7 million. The old chair either had to be refurbished or replaced—and Middlebury College decided to invest in a replacement lift.    Thanks to the crew at the Snow Bowl for sharing these images![Read more]

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On-mountain improvements at Sugarbush, Mount Snow & Magic resorts include glades

Sugarbush's Castle Rock chairlift

OK folks, ski resort crews are making snow in Colorado and they have had some natural snowfall at higher elevations, too. Later this week, Vermont mountaintops may actually see some early snowflakes. Ski season is creeping closer!As part of our update on on-mountain improvements being made at Vermont ski resorts, here's a quick recap of what's been happening at Sugarbush, Mount Snow and Magic Mountain ski resorts that will impact your enjoyment of the snow during the 2009 - 2010 ski...[Read more]

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News reports on Vermont ski resort improvements

Base area construction at Jay Peak Ski Resort in Vermont

We've hit a spell of cool, fall-like weather here in Vermont. Gets you in the mood for what's to come! While I've been concentrating on passing along any info I get on on-mountain / skiing improvements at Vermont ski resorts, the Rutland Herald earlier this month spoke with the Vermont Ski Areas Association and some of the resort operators to file this news report. The Herald reports that capital spending at resorts is down this year, not an unlikely thing considering the way the economy has...[Read more]

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New ski lifts at Middlebury Snow Bowl and Northeast Slopes

Northeast Slopes ski area in Vermont

We skiers have got it made, don’t you think? During the summer months while we are hitting the beach, having BBQs or enjoying the cool comfort of air conditioning, the crews at Vermont ski resorts are using some elbow grease to prepare for the coming ski season. Two smaller Vermont ski areas are adding lifts this year: Middlebury Snow Bowl and Northeast Slopes. Both ski areas have been in operation for more than 70 years. It’s wonderful that they have the means to continue to upgrade their...[Read more]

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Mountain improvements in the works at Stratton Mountain and Okemo Mountain ski resorts

Skiing at Okemo Mountain Resort

Southern Vermont skiing stalwarts Stratton and Okemo are making some improvements that skiers and riders will enjoy this coming ski season. Here’s a look at the work that’s being done or planned for these Vermont ski resorts for 2009 / 2010: Stratton Mountain Resort Glades: Thinning will open up lines in glades such as Test Pilot, Vertigo, Kidderbrook Ravine, Shredwood Forest, Moondance, Diamonds in the Rough, Cabin Fever and Emerald Forest. Skiers and riders will also discover natural...[Read more]

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What’s new on the mountain at Bolton Valley and Smugglers’ Notch ski resorts?

Bolton Valley and Smugglers’ Notch ski resorts in Vermont are excellent choices for those who live in and around Burlington and Chittenden County. And for those who are visiting the area, they are worth checking out for sure. They are smaller and less glitzy resorts than Stowe and Sugarbush, but they have some great terrain and, well, one cannot live on glitz alone. (Especially when one has to dig deep into one’s wallet to pay for it.) Here is a peak at the mountain improvements that are...[Read more]

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Mountain improvements at Killington and Pico prep for the ski season

Snowmaking hydrants at Killington ski resort

For Killington ski resort in Vermont, last year is a hard act to follow. That’s when the resort introduced the Skye Peak Express – an express quad that more than halved the time that an older lift took to bring skiers to the top of Skye Peak. As Killington’s communications manager put it: “There’s not a lot of sexy stuff going on here this summer, especially after spending close to $9 million last year on improvements.” Even still, the mountain ops crews are investing $2.5 million this...[Read more]

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